Sleepless in the Netherlands

I don't watch a lot of movies.. but i like the title sleepless in Seatle. According to the movie ïs about knowing what true love is. As as romantic comedy mostly do, in a very mixed up complicated way.

The question i am asking myself, is am i Sleepless her in The Netherlands. How many people in Holland, or for that mather around the world, are missing their real true love? And i am not talking about unhappy marriages or singles that cannot find the love of their life. I am talking about Jesus.

Don't start laughing, I am serious! How many people cry themselves to sleep, feel desperate about love, career and oppertunities. How many people are even committing suicide because they feel, that they can't fit in.

Well their and maybe even your searching is almost over. Why don't you 'Try Christ' like Hezakiah Walker Sang:

Tried in every way
Hope to see the day
All the pain will be gone
Problems linger on
and it seems all hope is gone
and you feel all alone

Trying to win the fight
You tossed all night
Looking for what's right
The more you try
To do what's right
You can't see the light

What will you do to find the way out
Try Christ

And for those who have found their true love. For those that have 'tried Christ', shouldn't we work tireless that people should accept Christ in their lives. Should we be sleepness that not enough people have found true love. Shouldn't we be sleepless in The Netherlands, Europe or even in the world.

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