Everywhere that I go

I had a very very, extremely busy weekend behind me.

Sabbath (Saturday) morning in had to preach in the RISDAC Church in the southern part of my town of Brith, Rotterdam. Because there was a lot of problems with the train (and my wife who has a drivers license had to give a biblestudy at her home church i had to leave home pretty early.

When i arrived at the church.. i noticed that ther were 3 fire trucks where infront of the church, i taught by myself... "No way Lord, i travelled all this way... and maybe the church was on fire." When i walked inside, non of the members or RISDAC - I was really ontime for church today. I saw that the pastor of the sundaykeeping church was busy directing the fireman up en down the stairs of the basement to pump the water out. There was about 70 centimeters of water in the basement... and they didn't knew if the water would damage the equipment stored there.

When it was time for me to preach, I really had to get used to being translated. I have translated, from English to Dutch, 'famous' Adventists like Walter Veith and Samuele Bacchocci, but i never knew, that being translated yourself needs really getting used to, luckily the Lord blessed me with a good translator, and the service was finished around 13.00 in the afternoon. Luckily the elders assured me beforehand that i didn't had to worry if i would go 'overtime'. Praise God!

After the service i had to catch the train, to my mothers home in Rotterdam, where Elma would pick me up for a trip up to Hoogeveen. Well Hoogeveen is about 2 and a half hours drive from Rotterdam. There we would me a number of friends in that Church, but also people who reacted on our Facebook invitation for a Health Ministry Education.

What i saw was many people who were blessed by the messages of hope and health giving by Thomas and Laverne Jackson. Not only Adventists were blessed, many people Christian and non-Christian came to listen to health messages from the bible. What I saw proves once again... that if your willing to present an good, old time religion gospel, presented in a relevant way, people will come. Not only come...

That evening I sold 2 Great Controversy books, to a Christian couple from Hoogeveen, because he saw that if our health messages were that good, the author of that book would also have to write interesting things about prophecy. Praise God!

The following day Elma and I, were returning to Rotterdam for a talk with my mom, she wants to publish a poems-bookwork, we agreed to help her with the lay-out and the coverart for the bookwork. From there we went to a computerstore to buy a new lap-top for the ministry. We want to write more, publish more, because we strongly believe we have an urgent, yet lovely message to share with our fellowman.
Everywhere that I go.... once again last weekend, I was reminded that the Lord.. is indeed Lord of my life

I belong to You, You belong to me Lord
I'm surrounded everywhere that I go
I will walk with You, You will walk with me Lord
I'm surrounded everywhere that I go

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