31-03: Clean Heart

All i ever wanted...
ever heard that phrase..

All I ever wanted.. well, this song.., is just that.. All I ever wanted was a clean heart, washed bright and clean by the blood of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Because i am tired of running the rat race of this world and would embrace the love and grace.. Jesus wants for me.. personally. I want to be and need to be cleansed.. so that i can have what i long and strive for.. a clean heart.. made clean and whole by my friend... Jesus

Purge me Lord
Wash me Lord
With Your blood
Make me white as snow
Give me a clean heart

I'm tired of running
Lord I surrender
Deliver me from sin and shame
Make me holy
Give me a clean heart

I've been running
Running for a long time
Living in a world of sin
I didn't have no peace within
After all the times, You took me in
I still chose iniquity, as my friend
Lord I'm sorry
I was wrong
And I repent
Lord I need you to purge me

While I was searching
Searching for commitment
I often found myselff
In all the wrong places
It ttook some time
But now I realize
There is no other way
I need Your love
And Your cleansing power

My heart is heavy
Purge me Lord
make me whole
Save my soul

I need ou to touch my mind
I want to be more like You
I ned You to touch my heart
Cleanse me through and through
Lord I won't run anymore
I'm never gonnan leave Your side
I commit my life to You Jesus
And now I'm ready to go a little higher

My soul is ready
My heart is fixed
My minds mad up
I'm ready to go a little highe

Fill my cup
Fill it up til it overflows
So everyone will know that i've been washed in Your blood
Your precious blood
Give me a clean heart
Make me holy


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