Inspirational" When I see the blood"

This little sermon accompanied a gospel songtrack that i play a lot. This peace is taken from the Here II Praise CD, the track is called "When I see the blood." When you read Exodus 12, and especially the verses 1 through 13

As the KJV says in vers 12:13 "The blood shall be to you for a token on the houses where you are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and there shall no plague be on you to destroy you, when I strike the land of Egypt.'

Read the following inspirational, tell me how this text has impacted your life.

On the night of Gods final judgement upon Farao and the Egyptians
The children of Isreal were instructed to take a year old lam without blemish
And take that lam and cut it into parts and take the blood and drain it and apply the blood over the doorposts of their homes.

For God decleared to his people ; “This night the blood shall be a sign for you, a sign that God has seen your tears and He has heard your cries” And He said; “When I see the blood I will pass over you and no destruction, no weapon, no devil, would be able to touch you and because the promises of the Lord are "Ye" and they are "Amen" so true, 'yes and so be it.'

What He said back then, He is saying again “Take the blood, but this time not the blood of a lam, but the blood of The Lam, apply the blood to your situations and when the farao's or your life, come upon You, your hurts and and your fears, your hopes and your failures. Your messed up marriages and your mixed up emotions, your finances, when they come to steal your joy, and when they come to steal your peace. When they come to steal your confidence in God. When they come to abort your destiny. They won't be able to get to you from within or from without. For the Bible has decleared. That He was wounded for our transgressions. In other words He bled outwardly and was brushed for our inquities. He bled inwardly and because the blood as cleansed us from without and from within. The power of the enemy Is destroyed

And you are now made more than a conquer through Him Who loved you and gave His life for you. Brothers and Sisters, do not fear, the Lord is on your side. What can man do unto You, cause when they come on to you to eat up your flesh, the Bible decleares that they might stumble and they shall fall. And if the host of the enemy come upon you, know that the Lord our God prevails . You can witness that the hand of the Lord is with you. And God decleares by His own mouth that when He sees the blood. That the death-angels in your life must passover you.

So many times you question why
So many times you had to cry
Sometimes you feel lonliness
Day after day there is no rest
But I am trying to show you

Know that I won’t let you go
Through wonders i let you know
That I am the Lord, thy God
So worry not
So dark will fall off the sky
There is no need for weeping eyes
For I care for you

And when I see the blood
I wiil pass over you
I will pass over you
Over you

And when I see the blood
I wiil pass over you
I will pass over you
Over You

It;s all over know soon
ill bring you out

he devil cannot hold you no more
he can hold you more

don’t worry no more
just cover your door, with the blood
and when I see the blood, I will pass over you

Over you, Over you


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