Inspirational "The One"

I believe in the One...
I believe in the One who set me free
I believe in the One who gave my life anew
I trust in the One who died for me
I trust in the One who rose for me

I received His mercy, i received His Spirt
I boldy confess. I am weak, but in Him I'am strong
Since the day i met Him.. my life has never been the same.

The one...

this song from Anthony Evans is a good description of my life before I met Christ

For so long I tried to please
Evyerone around me
I didn't realise
I was wasting so much time
Alyways trying to achieve
Everything they asked of me
But no matter how much
It was never enough
I tried everything I had all that I knews
To give away what I should only give to You

Cause You're the One who made that sacriffce
The only One who paid the highest price
And for the One I now ill live my life
Let everything be said and done before the one

Well done my faithful sone
Those are the words I long
I long to hear from You
Only from You
Show me the foad to take
Let no part of me get in the way
All that I want is that Your will be done
Keep me faithful an d true to Your heart
May I never forget who You are

For the One who suffered and died
For the One who gave me new life
To the One I will left p[ My eyes


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