What is your destiny?

What is your destiny?

Yesterday I did not sleep well. This does not Happen to me very often....

2nd October 2005

I am really worried about some of my brothers and sisters in the church.
Someone said to me last Sabbath, what is the use believing. ‘Some people are doing as if they believe. But they are ready to give up at any time’.
To hear those words just makes me sad.

Some of the members are afraid......, they are afraid that the Lord’s word would not be preached again. they are afraid that they would not be taken serious, afraid of the fornication in the Lords church.

Some of these Church members feel that they are now so alone because before they would get some support from other brethren in the church, but now this have all changed.

These members knew each other since they were in primary school; some even went to church together. But sad to say, some left there old habits and others did not.

My advice to these people, who get in these situations, is don’t look at where you came from....but where you are bound to.

Sometimes we trust each other only because of ones diplomas, ones certificates, ones descendants, ones status.

You would often hear people say that it is important for us to have someone lead us if they are of ones own race In other words, we like to form groups that are of the same race, same culture and has the same interests.

What I notice daily is, instead that people change there old habits, and become born again Christians, and they embrace these old habits.

We as a people think that it is much more important where we came from than our destiny. (Where we are bound to).

Sometimes, I would hear people saying: I only trust speakers/preachers if come from my native country”. I don’t think that if a speaker came from ones native country, that this would guarantee one living Christian lifestyle.

I would rather have a preacher that preaches the Lord’s Word.

We as believers tend to please our fellowmen instead of leasing the Lord in walking the narrow path as the Lord has instructed us to do.

Only when we are beware of our destiny, and then we would be able to understand that our destiny our goal in this life is much more important than our heritage, that is where we came from. This means that we all must repent of our sins. There could be no revival without repentance.

Where are you bound to? Do you want to follow the Lord? His Word..? His Law...? Then I will walk along with you on that road. The Heaven bound road.

If you are interested in your heritage, your culture, your own way of doing things, without the blessing or guidance of the Holy Spirit, then I can’t support you in doing that.

I hope that all those Church Members who are not pleased with their Leaders, don’t look at what these leaders may have achieved in the past or present, be it good or bad, but that they merely would bear in mind that what really matters, is where we are destined to.

Read: math. 7. verse 21

I pray that we focus on the Fruit of the Spirit. We could see a fruit...it is fed by the roots and the branches. This fruit is aware of its heritage, yes, but it receives its strength from the Sun.

As a people we must not only focus on the seed, but if the seed is not fed by the Word of God, it will never bear fruit.

Our task is to sow the seed and the Holy Spirit will see to it that it grows and bear fruit.

Only our Lord and Saviour could through His Word help us bear fruit. We can’t do this of ourselves; we need Jesus in our lives.

I don’t want to stay a mustarded ...I want to grow in Christ and with Christ...

Yes, I could be proud of my heritage. But ,my Destiny is that I am Heaven bound , this is a thousand times better than I will experience here on this earth.

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