Gird up the loins

Riley A. Jack

English : "Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; " 1 petrus 1:13

Who doesn't know Peter. Who doesn't know about his personal relationship with Jesus. Remember the time that he denied to be a discipel of Jesus. Remember is cry for forgivness to Jesus. You could read that in John 21.
Gird up the Loins of your mind.. keep your eyes open.. for the enemy, for the problems you could encoutner in your life. I can testify to the fact, that the enemy attacks at times when you least expect it. Therefore gird up the loins of your mind with the cords and words of Gods word.

If we keep our minds and hearst focused on Him then we have really assurcence, real hope.Therefore be a sober and dilligent worker of the Word.. Not only studying the word to aquire the heavenly knowledge, but to also prayerfully put into practice in the life we're living everyday.

We should not let the difficulties hinder our love, our faith and hope in Jesus. We should not let daily problems and daily disturbances faulter our hope in the Great Redeemer. When Peter was down to the ground, when he denied Jesus.. Gave Jesus Peter new hope..... even after 3 times.. we can come back to Jesus if we sorrowly ask for forgeveniss.

In the same manner... whenever the enemy might attack us, in our weakest moments of our life, when he attacks our health, our hope, our friendships, our finances, remember to gird up the loines of your mind.. with the assurance that God shall changes every situation... not only for this moment in time, but untill the end of times.

If we do that we can share in His grace.. His mercy, Jesus Himself will reveal through His Spirit.. the revelation needed to sustain our hope and our faith in Him. Because that hope will change at the end of the earthly times.. into life everlasting on the new earth and heaven..

So don't be downcast, don't you worry... Gird up your hearts and minds with the truth of His word. Hope until the end of times.. because Gods Word will be revealed to those who accept His grace and love in theirlives everyday.
God Bless


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