Work Your Faith

Somebody needs to hear that in the mids of your situations

Its your faith, that help to see you trhough

My brothers and sisters bring your problems to the alter and leave your burdens their
tough you torubled, God is able, Just work Your faith

that's all you gotta do

Friends and neighbours, it doens't matter how you foulterd, grap a hold of Gods Outstrechted ahnds
he's a wonder, he never sleeps or slumber, call Him everytime you want just work your faith

Mother and Fathers, bring your sons and daughters. He will left no work ondone,
Now tell the nation - of his goodsness en his greatness - of the revelations
many are deepend on Him and He will give You more than what you asked Him
He knows you every need
Life everlasting,
Just work your faith

As i see the tears run down your face
does not you doubt concurres your faith

I can see you i fyou wonder if He's there
dont' you worry, Your His Child and He will take care

And he will give you more,than what you asked Him - Live everlasting
Believe and you shall receive, more than you ever expect
He will supply your needs, life everlasting

Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen, believe Him, Work that faith


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