Oh Lord, Your love!

Oh Lord, Your love!
15 oktober 2011 om 21:36
Why do I get out bed each morning? Why do care so much for my fellow human being? Why do I love righteouness and hate abuse? Why, Oh Why?!

"It's Your love, Oh Lord... Because of Your love"

Why do I get out of bed each morning.. to work hard for some breadcrumbs? Why do I help a old lady savely cross the street? Why do I love, even my 'biggest' enemies"?!

"It's Your Love for me, Your great love for me"

Why do I spread the good news, to a dying world? Why share the gospel for people that don't seem to care? Why go to church every sabbath morning, while others stay in their warm beds?

"Cause Your love for me, is priceless. Ï was bought at a high price."

Sometimes we tend to forget that is all about Jesus love. When I think about the name of the ministry I work for "The Advent Gospel Promotions", i spend hours for almost no pay, sharing a message that (to be honest) not a whole lot of people are interested in. And still I wake up with that heavy burden on my heart... I want to see my parents in heaven, I want to see my family in heaven, I want to see my neighbour in Heaven. To be honest, I want to see everybody i see, play with, work with, travel with... and even the one's i never see.. I want to see them all, for all enerity?

Why... Because of His love!

And what does His love do..,

It's giving
It's abounding
It's everlasting
It's refreshing,

His Love is great and their is no greater love shown to men, than the Love that Christ has shown us.

His love redeems me.
His love captures me.
His love keeps me save,
His love is the only Love than can bring me savely home.

It's Jesus love for me... that everlasting love.. that makes me jump for joy
That love that brings me to my knees. His love gives me a reason to shout, proclaim and be still!

A better name for AGP would be : Love, Love, Love - ministry! Why you might ask.

Well Advent, is all about Love, We expect Christ soon return. And Jesus returns to take His bride, out of Love to a save place for evermore. Gospel - Gospel is the message of the Kingdom of Love, Gods Kingdom. It's about God giving His only begotten Son, so that all who believe in true Love. Will be saved by the One who is Love in it's very being. And Promotions? Well we out of our Love for Him. We work in His vineyard. Not because we are saved, by our own works. No we work out of Love, as a automatic, loving response to the Love He has bestowed on us.

Well, their is no greater love, It's just something 'bout the way You love me.

Jesus love is...

Tailer than the mountains high
Greater than the ocean wide
Far more than the stars in the sky

I just love His word.
I just love His majesty, His greatness, His mercy and grace.
Jesus lives, so I might live trough Him.

It's time that the world hears Jesus, message of love and hope. This sin filled world needs a Savior. This dying planet. Needs a messiah! A true Messiah, somebody who can give us more than a Ipad. We need someone who can deliver us from evil. Not only for this moment. But He who can get rid of sin for all eternity and beyond.

That's why Jesus love for me, daily unfolds
His love for me, is more precious than sivler and gold
His love is planted deep down in my soul

That's what Jesus loves does for me.

Earthy love.. does not compare
His Compassion is great, when life's not fair
When I need it I find it there.

Your love for me, Oh Lord your love!

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