When stars die and rise

When stars die and rise
12 februari 2012 om 19:02
Today, I awoke to the sad, sad news that music star and former choir member Withney Houston died at the age of 48. That woman that stared in the picture ‘The Preachers Wife” The last few months actually a lot of big names have died prematurely. Micheal Jackson stands out as one of them. When I see the postings on Social Media, i see how much these stars touched the lives of many people around the world.

Songs that brings back memories of a beautiful wedding day. Or the famous first dance. Songs that brings back memories of joy or even pain. Songs that speak to your heart or to the hearts of those we love and care.

When stars die... we rightfully mourn. We are saddened by the sudden loss of life. Saddened that life of these stars didn't gave them the wanted. Just remember the troubles Withney had when she had here encounter with drugs. That little girl from that church in New Jersey (NJ) that blew away church members every Sunday. That little girl that could sing like no other... a star that was high above any other... came crashing down.

I'll hope that one of these days... when we hear the shout the trumpet of that Archangel. That we see many stars rise. Stars that we might know and love and admire for their talents. But also the smaller and lesser stars. People who cared for the sick, prayed for the wounded. Love the children. Spent time with homeless.

I cannot wait until the sky will be illuminated with thousands of millions of billions of stars that will eventually shine. Shine because the reflected the beauty of our beautiful Saviour Jesus Christ.

For what He has done for us... is better the the most beautiful voice men will ever hear. He is more compassionate that men will ever can share. For He is the biggest star.. the only One worthy enough to shine. He created Withney to sing, like no other. He created Micheal so he could dance on top of the moon. And He created you and me with God given talents.. to shine... shine, not like a star, but to reflect the love that Christ shared with all of us through His Holy Spirit.

We are born to give glory and honour and blessing to the One who first loved us. I hope and pray that all who are saddened by the lose of this 'star' might find hope and blessing in the only star that bring life into 'dead' men of women.

We may rise.. rise... rise, on that day when Jesus... the Biggest star of all, will come and make us brand new, Dead where is your sting. And that we might shine, like never before. Mar that be our hope, that we may rise, by the only star that died and rose on that famous third day. JESUS CHRIST.

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