Are you hungry or even starving?

Are you hungry or even starving?
3 maart 2011 om 21:58

A lot of Christians, here on FB know that I regulary conduct prophecy seminars. Another fact is that I like to watch the 'signs' all around us to see when Jesus Christ will come to take us home. We do not know the day or even the hour. But we can see the signs of his coming, by looking at the condition of our even growning lawless, sinfilled society all around us.

There are a lot of signs, that hint on the fact that a foodcrisis is coming. Rising costs of food, due to the fact of rising oilcosts, are a problem for all the people on this little globe. Not only people in the third world are in difficulty, but also those who are living in the 'rich' west. I hear a lot of people talk about coming riots, wars and all that kind of stuff.

But i want to talk about another foodcrises? The old-testament prophet Amos, told us in Amos 8 verse 11, the following: "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD"

The question we all, and also myself have to urgently ask... is "Are we hungry!" or better said, "Do you feel the need to eat something wholesome?" We tend to sprititualy get fed by TV, the movies or books like Harry Potter. Be honest.. we tend to feel not evnvolved, when we miss the latetst Episode of Grey's Anatomy or did not see the latest crazy video by Lady Gaga. We tend to feel 'starved' when we missed more than 2 weeks of our favourite soap-series.

We feel hungry when our modern-day spiritual belly's are not filled and stuffed to the max. But Amos tells us... that their will be a hunger for the Word of God, and that we will not find it.

If you knew that a foodcrises is coming. What would you do? You would stack up food. You would go to the supermarket and buy everything you need to survive. You would go the local farmer or even better yet, you would grow your own greens ans fruits. Why? You want to survive the crises.

If the Lord warns us that there will be a time that we will be hungry for the hearing of the Words of the Lord. What a teribble prospect is that. The bible cleary states, that people WILL be hungry for the Word but will not find it. Meaning people want to read the word, study the word of the everlasting gospel, but will miss the access to have it.

Strangely said, how can that be.. in a world were we can read the bible even on their IPhones or Android based telephones. But consider the following. If things in this world go horrible bad, a lot of people will remember that truth will not come from your Bankaccount. That everything will be so desperate that even your favourite political party, or famous artist would not be able to bail you out. And a that moment you come to only reasonable conclusing.. that you need God to stay alive... a you don't have the word.. how miserable would you feel then?!

Don't wait until you get spritual starved or hungry for the true and sound Word of God, until you will read the Word of God. Don't wait to let God speak to you in time of trouble and strive. Let God speak to you before the tribulations of this life will overcome you. Get acquintated with God when your 'young' before the dark days are coming!

Go to God, Get your house in order. Know where you can find true food for the soul Because soon, as Amos would might wonder troughout the land for the Words of the Lord and it will be a hard time finding it.

God loves you... and if God loves you, then i will follow suit.

Take care,


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