Waiting for that great day

Waiting for that great day
16 december 2011 om 19:55
Today I attented a funeral service of somebody I knew rather well. When you go to a funeral service of somebody who had a 'living' relationship with Jesus... your sadness is strangely mixed with joy. Your sad because you miss someone who you were intrested in their well being. But on the otherhand joyfull because you know that someone accepted Christ and that the person died in the joy that Christ gives, that peace the automaticaly comes when you get to know Him better each and every day.
And now... in the knowledge that all the people who died in the living hope, which is Christ... and we who are left behind have to wait...We have to wait. We are waiting on Christ. Waiting on the one who have loved us first. The One who died for me, and you my dear Facebook friends. He died even for those who I never, ever have seen before in my life.
But He rose on that evenfull third day. He rose, so that I may life through Him. Because He lives.. i can look forward to that great day. That day.. that I will see that good friend who was burried today. Today I saw someone being burried and dirt and earth being put into a hole in the ground. But on that great day... which I hope won't take to long to comeby.. I will see many of my friends and even people I never ever met before. Being taken up from the ground and meet Jesus in the sky. So that i may cry out, "The waiting is over... that great day has finally arrived".
That's why I was baptized in Church. That's why i love to work with a ministry like AGP. Sharing that great message of hope. Because Hope is not only a message for things that will happen tomorrow. Hope is a message we have to share today!
We only have to wait!

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