There is no faillure in God, He never failled me y

There is no faillure in God, He never failled me yet!
18 december 2011 om 22:12
It is almost impossible to calculate how many mistakes I make in just one day. Or when I watch Youtube and look at clip after clip about the funny failures of others. But praise God, for there is no fault in Him, there is no failure in God. For He is perfect, He is excellent in so many ways and more.

God gave us the ultimate and perfect Lam, in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And He did not fail us when I walked on this Earth. He didn't gave in into temptation. He stood tall.. He didn't fail, so that I with all my failures and shortcomings can boldly near the throne of God and plead on the blood for forgiveness. I don't like to make failures... why? Because failures can bring separation between me and my Lord. And to put it boldly... I want to live justified and sanctified. There is no joy, no fulfilment if you choose to fail again and again. Without clinging to the victory over sin the Christ offers every sanctified believer.

I don't want to keep on sinning into all eternity. I want to cling to the Word, like my very life, my very existence depends on it. I want to embrace His goodness. WHY? He never failed me yet. If His spirit can bring me to the cross, so I can proclaim is name. Then will motivate to me everyday and every evening to look to the Cross, to choose love

I am so happy there is not hint of fault in Him... No trace of sin. No hidden secret... His is love magnificent. He is trustworthy beyond a shadow of a doubt. He to walked the sinless, the faultless, life when He was on this earth. And yet His life was filled with love.. That very love,which is the essence of His being. This companionship is not only for this earth. This solar system.. but through the universe and trough every age for His love is eternity

This is just the one thing I wanna say;
I have been living for Jesus a long time
There is one thing I found out.. there is no failure in God!

There is no failure in God
Go ahead and talk about me
say what you want about me
i am only human
but the God i serve is mighty
He looks beyond my faults
As I go form day to day
He love me anyway
and I just wanna say

There is no failure in God!
There is no failure in knowing God!
no, no, no, no

I am glad, He is not like man
He will always around
even when te trouble come
He will never let youd own
You can never made me doubt him
I know to much about Him
That what i love about Him

There is no failure in God
Everything that i am
and everything that i hope to be
He delivered me...

Because there is no failure in Him...
No failure!
He never failed me yet!

There is NO failure in God, so you better believe It.
This is what i wanna say know. He will make a way somehow!
Oh Yes, He will

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