Rejected and alone

Rejected and alone
20 augustus 2012 om 22:42

I am listening to a gospel song, where the refrain says the following; "Crucified Laid behind a stone, You lived to die, Rejected and alone, Like a rose ,Trampled on the ground ,You took the fall, And thought of me Above all." While listening to this great praise and worship song the following words really grab my attention;

"Rejected and alone"

Our God is a God who loves, enjoys that His children wants to be with Him. He placed the tabernacle in the midst of the encampment of the Israelites in the dessert. In the New Jerusalem, Christ will be in the midst of those who loved him during their lifetime on earth with absolute devotion, and longed for having real communion with him.

He that want to be with us... rejected and alone.

Even tough when Christ was on earth and a quite of number of people had a real interest in Jesus' teaching, preaching and Healing, when the leaders of the day influenced the community to call for the release of the murderer Barabas instead of Christ... one thing comes to my mind

Rejected and alone

When the disciples where in the Garden of Gethsemane and stood gard with Jesus, then i am thinking by myself, here is a true seen of unity, a true example of companionship. But only a few moments later.... When the guards together with Jude, came to arrest Him... what happened, they all ran away, Peter even denied Him 3 times.

Rejected and alone.

And it is easy to talk about others.. but what about me. Did I let Christ die in vain for me. Every time when I do my own thing, Everything i depart from Gods will. Every time when my interest, my desires, my will is put in front of that of Christ.. Am I not doing the same.... leaving Jesus Rejected..

Do i tend to let Jesus do His 'stuff' while I do mine? Am I that Christian that really deserves to be Christian, because the truth is in the following

If WE rejected Christ... eventually we will be alone (and will for sure taste the second dead).

If WE reject true love... We will end up, unloving, unholy and unforgiving individuals... we feel alone.

This world teaches me.. that I must reject Christ.. I will have all the joy, all the riches, all the friends that i want.
But that is Satan’s biggest lie, that by rejecting Christ, we'll gain loved, accepted and have peace. But that is a lie.

When Adam and Eve at from the fruit.. where they closer to Christ.. No way, by disobedience they were denied the Garden of Eden. They felt alone without the presence of Jesus. Jesus felt all in a sudden far, far away.

When I am not obedient in my faith life... i do to feel alone, rejected as it were. Not that Christ doesn't care about me, GOd forbid NO. Christ does not want to reject me.. but I through my disobedience choose to be rejected and with the obivious consequence... feeling alone.

Especially when we neart the end of the ages and we will see Christ coming on the clouds to gather His own... What will my faith live be.. inclusive of Gods will. Inclusive of Gods law and most important of all inclusive of His love.

Christ was rejected and alone... He did it.. so I don't have to be, that you don't have to be feeling rejected and alone. We can be all part of the family of God. That is if we don't following Jude's lead. Don't following our own sinful tendencies. But harken in all circumstances after Christ.

Do you want to stay 'intune' with Christ. Looking upon the Cross... where Christ died for you and me... Rejected and alone. He experienced what it means to be separated from the love of the Father. Being separated of God equals dead. Separated of God is 'rejection' in the fullest sense of the word.
But we don't have to be alone. We need strength to be close to Jesus. We need the former and latter rain:

Restore the joy,
remove the pain,
dry tear-stained eyes,
send latter rain

If You don’t come,
all hope is lost,
to them that trust,
trust in the cross,

Dear Lord, Increase Our Faith
Send latter rain

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