Ready, Aim, Fire... The evil one can't shoot me do

Ready, Aim, Fire... The evil one can't shoot me down!
10 juni 2013 om 22:17

I'm boarding my gospelplane. I'm delighted to go on the journey
See, my Lord invited me to see the Light.
And I saw the Light.
My Jesus said to me FOLLOW... and I didn't hesitate...

See, I was headed for destruction, but Jesus said to me... There is a better way
He wanted to cleanse me from unrightousness. He wanted to turn from sin, evil and dead
He showed me a Law that was based on love. He showed me a Kingdom, that is mighter than any other.
He said that hysop really cleans the filty soul, but he offered His own blood instead.

So please know.. while I'm boarding my gospel plane.
I'm being asked to go the narrow way.
But I don't hesitate.. because I know,
that He knows the way to peace, love and righteousness.

So my suitcase is finally on board and I'm sitting in my chair ready to fly.
The destination of this flight is to a better place, a holy temple, a new Jerusalem
The destination of this flight is to meet my Maker, My Creator, My Redeemer, He that loves me beyond any doubt

I know I have to go there
I know that being with my Saviour is the place to be.
I know that this sinful world, with Sin, dead and disease is not my home
I'm finally heading to a place where everything will be right.

But there powers, you see. Powers in the air, You can't see them
And those powers have boms, guns and rockets.
And they are firing on my plane.
But i remembered what my Saviour told.
No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.
So in Jesus name i can say to the evil one, FIRE
Ready, Aim, Fire, the evil one can't shoot me down!

He might use all his burning arrows, all the deadly force he's got.
But as long as I stay with my Saviour, trust and depends on His Holy Word.
The evil one, can't shoot me down.

I'm trying to walk the narrow way, to a better place
I'm trying to drink daily from the Living water, which will never run dry
I'm trying to share the Gospel and bring hope, in a hopeless world
I'm trying to lift out of depression and go to the place where the Lord ordained me to go.

I so desperatly want to evil one to stop using his arrows of sin.
So that a mother gets tot hold her son again
I want to see the blind man, see again
I want the lame man, to run again.

But all I hear right now, is the evil one, with his gun... saying "FIRE"
And I know that this is not what my Saviour wants to hear.

Always is that evil one breathing down my neck again.
Trying again and again to make me sin again.
Trying to discourage me in trusting fully in Jesus again.
I only hear; FIRE.... the evil one comes to shoot me down.

But than I hear Scripture resounding in heart once more.
I notice the Holy Spirit bringing those dead bones to live again.
I see Jesus holding out his hand again....

And know I know i can say to the evil one: FIRE
Ready, Aim, Fire, the evil one can't shoot me down!
The evil one can't stop me now... i'm walking with the Almighty One!

Ready, Aim, Fire.. don't let the evil one stop you, nor shoot you down.

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