Over there

Ever wondered as a small child, what was on the other side of the mountain, the sea, the river, the desert or even the street.
We always wondered of a new land, with new things to enjoy and to sea. Our parents warned us not the go "over there" because we needed to be guided by an experienced grown up person, to bring us safely "over there"

Now as a grown up men, which has seen a lot of this world.. again i am wondered by a new land, with brand new things to enjoy. This time my Father told me that i can go "over there" but only i've i lay my life in the hands of His Son., Cause i needed to be guided by an expercience grown up, paid the price person, to bring me safely under His mercy, "over there..."
Read this little poem and think for one moment of that land "over there"

We've heard stories about that lad over there
Of milk and honey,
Oh how sweet it must be
peraly gates and strees that are paved with gold

I'm gonna get there
Are you getting ready to go to that city on High?
Are you really ready for what God has for your brand new life?
Well you know.. I cannot wait to see Jesus
and just bow in His presence

I'll give Him praise, oh Yes I will sing, just like David
Oh what a time of joy that will be
I'm gonna get there

So much joy unspeakable, unbelievable
God shall wipe your and mine tears away
Eyes have not seen
Ears have not heard
What God has fo you so get ready!
It's over there, it's really over there
Just for you

As i child i was glad, when my father and mother took me to the other side of the street.. and i could explore a new land, a new playground.. and new friends to play and share.

Now as a man walking with Christ, i still wonder.. to go "over there" to the other side , so i could explore a new land, with no hunger, pain or death.. and a lot of love ones and a whole lot more.. to worship and adore the One.. who brought me... over there.


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