Medical doctor gave unusual treatment option: "Go

Medical doctor gave unusual treatment option: "Go into ministry"
29 mei 2011 om 20:01

A lot of my friends know that I haven been struggeling with my health for quite a number of years. To be clear, from the moment i have been baptised.. i have been in and out of hosptials (mainly emergency rooms). I have looked into the face of death many, many times in my life. Doctors, proffesors, nurses nobody could give me an answer what to do with me. Nothing seems to work. Last week i went tot hospital together with my wife Elma, to discus the latest hospital visit.

And maybe you wold believe what they advised me.... Maybe you wold laugh at what i am about to write... but is is really true. A non-believing person, advised me to go into the Gospel ministry... FULL time. It was the only treatment optoin left for me. They lady said to me, "I don't believe in a heaven, but if you believe it with whole year heart, than you should do something about it not for 2 days but the whole week."
At this moment i preach sometimes, I give a bible study somethings. But not full time. Everything when i don't have to go to my regular job furing the week, i use my spare time to evangelize. And the doctors told me... that i am healthier when i work for the Lord.. than work for a nice house, a great car and all the nice things this world 'seems' to offer.
I would like to ask you to pray for my wife and me.. that we may fiend a place (soemtwhere in this world) where we could go into fulltime ministry, that is something we have been praying for years know.
Never thought that gospelministry would be (even in al literal sense) a matter of live of death.

God is good and He will make a way.

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