I won't forget what He has done for me

I won't forget what He has done for me
20 maart 2013 om 22:15

Remember and hold fast to these words of encouragement:

and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Mat 28:19b)

We will bless His holy name
Everything in us will do the same
All that's inside our dusty frame
Will bless His name

We wll bless His holy name
Whether in good times, sorrow, sunshine or in rain
Everything in us will find a reason
To bless His name yeah
Let it be You that we shall remember

Lord to Your wisdom and Your mercy
We have surrendered
Lord our hearts holds to this one refrain
We'll bless Your holy name

For He's crowned me with love
And His mercy
And with all
All good things
He satisfies me
So you'll hear me say

I won't forget what
He's done for me
His benefits foreverin my memory
I won't forget

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