Hollwood twists the Bible; Angels who kill the inh

Hollwood twists the Bible; Angels who kill the inhabitans of Sodom, Ninja Style
14 maart 2013 om 22:03

How do you bring the truth to a modern day age audiance? The Bible is the truth, it's the living Word of God. But in these modern times, many people often don't have the time to read 66 books, al those verses to interpret and understand what the Lord wants us to know. Some people get discouraged when the have to think, pray and compare Scriputure with Scriputure to discover what God wants us to know, for ourselves, our fellowman and the community of believers.

We know what the Bible say about people who don't accept the author of the Bible.

But the naturall man receiueth not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishnesse vnto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 1 Cor 2:14

We need God's Holy Spirit to understand what Scripture says. But it takes time, prayer, study and humulity on our part. But for some strange reason - in these modern days- we lake time, fall short on prayer and study. And what to say about humulity and humbleness. In the Middle ages they had a idea how to captivate the people, who where unleared, about the misteries of Scripture in a way the could understand. A play. Instead of telling the people about the stories of the Bible. We enacted them, just like a play.

But in the modern days.. watching a theatrical play, takes to look and gets boring. So know we turn to Bible Movies. For years we watched to classics like "the Ten Commandments" with Charles Heston. Or the animated splendour as portraited in 'The Prince of Egypt', telling us about the live of Moses and the 10 plagues. Children watch those colourful veggies in Vegietales in re-eneactment of Bible stories.

They are fun to watch and the give a certain flavour to the stories we have read before in the Bible. But what the world doesn't know, and I am talking about NON-Bible reading persons. Is that those movies not always give a right account of what has been written in the Bible.

When in Veggietales (for instance) talk about the story of Jona (you, the one prophet with the huge fish), tell us that the people of Niveh where bad, very bad. How bad where they, you might ask... well the 'slap' each other with fish. You might say.. Riley what are you making such a deal out of it. Never forget that first impressions count. It might seem harmless at first... but we never know what kind of picture and faithlife a child develops if the are being portrait a 'differen' account of what we actually read in the Bible.

The last 2 weeks I have been looking at a new docudrama being broadcasted by the History Channel, it's called the Bible. In 10 episodes we see at a glance, biblical stories coming to life. And it is produced with all the effects Hollywood can bring together.

Special effects, computer graphics. It is just amazing when you see the Ark of Noah ride on the waves and storm. It is amazing seeing the Sea part and the people of Isreal with Moses walking on the sea bed. Oh what power is showing when those walls of Jericho come tumbling down.

But the problem is not so much in the effects, but in the details. Because of all sort of reason the leave out the details. The authors wanted to show us Gods mercy and grace. But we get to see a lot of action packed acts of violance. And yes I must admit, we read of wars and terrible things that happend in the Bible. But focusing on just one point, can give the unbeliever a wrong sense of Scripture.

All things in the Bible, focusses the reader of the Word to Christ. He is the Alfa and Omega, the beginning and the end. That is the vocal point of Scripture. If you look at a movie or and documentary and you only get to see, Sin, but not forgiveness. War but no peace. Then the unbeliever might think the Bible is only about those negative aspects.

An angel of the Lord preparing to kill the inhabitans of Sodom, for hurting Lot's Family (taken from History channels, ' The Bible')
An angel of the Lord preparing to kill the inhabitans of Sodom, for hurting Lot's Family (taken from History channels, ' The Bible')

If you watch a movie.. a biblical one, it must draw us more and more to Christ. Just as the Bible does. Well when i watched two angels (those who went to the house of Lot to warn him of the coming judgement of God), killing the inhabitans of Sodom like ninja's. Combined with sound effects of iron and dying Soddomites. I thought by myself... "Where did those angels of God, learned those skills to use swords and kill so many Soddomites, so effective and brutal."

What was Hollywood trying to do with me. What kind of impression wanted they give me about the story of Lot. That angels kill, more brutal and hurtful, than the demons (fallen angels) of satan?

I believe that the story of Sodom was laid down, that the Lord is willing to save those who are pure of heart. To bring us out of darkness and the coming judgement. But that little detail was buried in the action scenes of swords and the cry of people being murdered by the angels of the Lord. And I can give many more of those examples.

Angels ready to deliver the warning message to Lot (History Channels, The Bible)
Angels ready to deliver the warning message to Lot (History Channels, The Bible)

So what to do with Hollywood? Or better said what to do with Bible movies... well, we could do one thing first. Read the Bible. Pray and study it for yourselves. Get inspired by Gods Holy Spirit and ask through prayer for His leading in understanding scripture.

Seeing a movie or a documentary could be very interesting indeed. But the truth can only be found in one place. In the written Word of God and not through the interpretation that Hollywood gives to the people. Even though the movie could be made by sincere Christians. First go the Word, because:

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Tim 3:16,17)

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