22-02: It's time to change

There are two kinds of pain...
the pain of staying the same
and the pain of change...

The choice in life is up to you...
but don't forget, when you get to the Lord
you got the answer which choice in life you made.

To do the will of the Father is the goal in life we always should strive for.
I spend enough time being the same, bumping my head against the same old stone.

It's time to turn my eyes upwards..,
it's time to let the One who's knocking at the door in.
It's time to let the fire of the Holy Ghost burn in your and mine heart.
It's time to change

Maybe the proces of change will bring pain..
but is better to face that kind of pain...
and enjoy come what may..,

than facing the pain of always staying the same.
"it's been to long, it's time to change
You cannot get away with everything
Please tell me why you wait
You gotta answer for yourself someday"

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