When the world looks for white smoke, I tend to lo

When the world looks for white smoke, I tend to look for a white cloud
12 maart 2013 om 22:32

Pope Benedict stepped down as pope of the 1 billion members strong, Roman Catholic Church. Today 115 cardinals, also named as the princes of the Church, went into conclave. While all those cardinals gave an oat of secrecy. The world outside looks to the roof of the Sixtine chapel in search of white smoke.

Because white smoke indicates that at least 77 of the 115 cardinals voted for one and the same person. And that person will become pope. When i search over the internet wild rumours and theories goes around. Some people say that the pope who will be elected will be the last pope, according to an old roman catholic prophecy. Some people say that the new pope, the so called Petrus Romanus, will reign the church in the time of great tribulation.

Others say that the new pope will declare a new gospel. This new gospel is a reintrepretation of the Bible, in which the world will be asked to worship aliens from outer space as the saviour of all the problems we encouter in the world. And if you don't believe this new gospel, you will be called a heretic. And we all know how this church dealt with heretics during the time of the inquisition.

Others look for a pope of will clean up the act of some priets who misused and abused their followers. Others look for a pope who will clean up the Curie (the administration of the church in vatican city).

Even none believers look to the roof of an old chapel, in owe and wonder in expectation for a new pope. Black smoke means more waiting, white smoke means... a new successor of Peter has been chosen.

Well, i must admit I get excited what this new pope will do and how he would reign.

But there is someone else, someone greater I look for. His coming will not be annouced by some white smoke from a small chapel. The coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will be on top of a cloud, surround with angels, sounded by trumpets and the shout of the Archangel. I await the one who promised to take me and all others who believe in de Bible as the inspired and true word of God, and love Jesus with all the hearts, soul and strenght. And take me home. To a new heaven and eventually to a new world, cleared of sin, disease and dead.

While everybody looks as TV in search for a new pope. I would suggest that the you and the rest of the world, look in their Bible first and then look at the skies. Because our redempetion draws nigh.

A new pope is just a man, just as sinful, faulty as any other man, woman or child upon this world. He might be a great thinker, a great communicator, a great theologian... but he is not Christ. He cannot forgive your or mine sins.

But the One who will come upon a cloud. He is the One who has not sinned, The One who died for my sins and shortcomings. The One who was raised on the third day, and because of that I can look forward to a great future. A future with Christ, and all the saints, for all eternity.

While the world looks for white smoke.... Dear readers, lets turn our eyes not on the city of the Vatican, but on the skies of heaven, because Jesus is coming soon.

And that is what we at the ministry of AGP will be promoting, The Advent Gospel... A message of hope for today!

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