When biblestudy gets personal

People talk about Biblestudy, they thnik about a very formal setting, where one person speaks and others listen. Biblestudy, most people think, remembers them about learning for an exam, To remembers words, mathemtical formulas, sciences and biology, whatever you may think about study.. or biblestudy in general.

Biblestuidy, becomes real Biblestudy, from the moment it gets personal. In the times that Jesus walked on this earth 2000 years ago, He confronted leaders from their church for their indiffernce... They did Biblestudy... they knew the Scriptures, they could give very good insight on a theological setting. But it wasn't real study... why you may ask? They missed the whole point... they didn't see why God sends His only hegotten son to this sinful wolrd.

If they made biblystudy personal.. they would never, never, condemned Jesus to the cross. Religous people... myself included must be aware that Biblestudy gets personal. The Bible speaks about me, about my sinful live, about a Savoiiur who did for me. And will return soon to take me back home,

When I give biblestudy, I will explaine doctrine from scriputre... and that must always be done. But most important, Biblestudy must be personal as well. Because Gods Word is given to us. Not for us to stay the same. but to become personal acquinted with Jesus Himself. And we all know. if we behold Him, we will grow in obedience, love and Christlike character.

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