"They done let them Christians in the club!"

"They done let them Christians in the club!"
9 september 2011 om 18:21

Before i started preaching in Churches, I presented a gospelmusic program
called AGP FM Radio. I like listening to gospelmusic and it is a beautiful way
to share the necessary truths for these days and of course encourage the saints
to praise and declare the name of Christ above all names.

But gospelmusic is changing. From the days of the hymns and in this day and
age. Gospel (-holy hip hop, -Rap, -house, - trance and yes.. you might not
believe me Death metal gospelrock). A popular rap song say's it all. A gospel
rapsinger that is on one hand popular but on the other hand, pretty
controversial. He uses "modern' music, beats, sounds to express, in his
eyes a direct gospel message.

Well i tried to llsten to one of his songs "They done let them
Christians in the club". Because wondered what the Christian message was
of this songs....

Do Christians need to be in the club?

Is disco acceptable for Christ if we change the Beer and Wine withe Apple
and Orange Juice? Can we get "wild" for Christ, shaking our hips if
we just don't care? Canton Jones has his opinon, it is only not mine.

Kanye West in his single, "Jesus Walks" sings why a song will not
be played on a regular radio station if you use the name of Christ", well
dear Kanye... the answer is rather easily given. What does the heavenly and
eternal things to do with things of this world.

A friend of mine said to me one time, why does Christians try to copy worldy
music and make ik acceptable for Christians by replacing certain words in their
songs for Christ. He, as a unbeliever, said to be that an unbeliever does not
want to hear about Christ... even if the beat sounds great, the music swings
and the musicvideo rocks.

So if we cannnot reach the uncoverted with this music... who do we reach
then? Christian youth.... today i posted an interview of Paul Washer about
worldy christian entertainment. He said that Pastors, ministries try to satisfy
the 'carnal' lifestyle of the people in their churches. They try make church
cool, they try to make Christlike living as acceptable for a modern day generation.
But is that the solution?

Paul writes to the Christians in the Church of Rome to be renewed in their
thinking... to leave the way of the world and accept Christ wholly and fully.

We as Christians should rejoice when the people of the world don't let us in
the club. We should hang out the flag.

I hear the people already saying... Riley you take the fun out of
Christianity. You think that a Christian should be in a corner of a room and
only ready in the big old black book. You're to serious. You're to direct.

What is wrong with worldly Christiand entertainment. What is wrong with going
to the club?

Being a Christian is a life of joy and fun. Their is no greater joy possible
than letting your live, your thinking and let i being renewed by the Holy
Spirit. When you know Christ you don't need worldy stimulus to be happy. As a
modern day gospelsinger would say.. you're getting a "Holy Ghost

Do you know what gives lives that little bit of extra... seeing a life changed
through preaching of the Word of God. Seeing somebody who was sinking deep in
sin... make a change in his of her life and accept the love of CHrist
wholehearted. That gives real joy.. and reall peace. and not beining able of
entering a club of Christians who are more inclined to sastify part of their
worldy lives mixed with some "Jesus-fun".

The gospel artist 'Joann Rosario" sang these words... than i hold very
close to my heart, "If it is not you than i don't want it all. Cause if is
not you i am grantueed to take the fall" Or this song where she sings..
"I want to see traces of you." You might attack me for these words.
But I don't think you will see traces of Jesus, in the club. Eventhough you
might sing the name of Jesus all day long. He want worshippers who praise Him
in spirit and truth.

The truth of the bible.... the Lord wants my heart and that of all his
followerers to be broken. He wants to get th sinful part of our thinkiing, our
acting out of our lives... Jesus wants all of me. He might enjoy me in the
club. But Jesus rather have Him in my heart.

I want to life my life according to Gods Will... I want to join a club..
where eternity is on the mind of the believers. Where everything what is being
said or done gets the apporoval of the Everlasting One.

Give me a club where, I can praise His holy name. A club where the sins of the
world are not there. I want to see the club that is called the New
Jerusalem..... That club i want to enter and i hope you'll to.

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