So Amazing

So Amazing
11 maart 2012 om 20:53
People need to see something extravagant, they need to hear something brand new, experience a new parfum, to say that they have encountered something amazing.

People like to go the rollercoaster in the amusement park to say,.. "that was amazing, a trill of a ride". People need to taste a new dish from a far away country to say... "That was an amazing combination of herbs and spices". People want to go to a concert of their favourite artists and say "Yes this performance was truly amazing."

How come.. that people find everything they see in the world. Every taste, every sense.. a trill and a amazing time.. until.. they come to the topic of faith and religion.

From the moment people hear words that are linked to faith and moral living... things are starting to get boring. People say Christians sing the same old songs... with the same old tunes. Sermons with the same repition.. Faith is labeled as the total opposite of 'amazing'.

Is faith so 'un'amazing, 'un'inspired, 'un'eventful?

I have been a Christian a large portion of my life. And I can hardly say.. that the words "un'amazing, 'un'inspired and 'un'enventful' can be attachted to my life.

My co-workers are asthounend when I share stories of me travelling to the four corners of The Netherlands and to tell of the wonderful, amazing love of Christ to people who I never met in my life before.

When i tellpeople that I still learn, everyday from the bible.. they are suprised. How can something that they experience as lacking all the excitement, be so amazing...

This is the reason why:

I don't know where I would be
Had it not been for you
You are my everything
And your love is so amazing

When I was in my sin
You came and rescued me
I give you all of me
And your love is so amazing

His love is so amazing.. Jesus is so amazing… I can’t wait want He will do for my fellowmen and myself in the coming days?
But one thing I believe for sure…

It’s going to be surely amazing!

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