Make your livingroom a place of worship, study and

Make your livingroom a place of worship, study and blessing
18 september 2011 om 20:52

There are living rooms in all shapes and sizes. With or without a roof. Living rooms are the central part of the home. The beating heart, as it where. We cook in our kitchens, sleep in our bedrooms.. but we 'live' in our living rooms. But how lively are our living rooms these days?

These days you'll find the TV sitting as a altar in the midst of our living rooms, not that a TV is a bad thing by itself. But living... in our living rooms are under attack... Attack by the wars, horror and misery that is broadcasting in our place of 'living'. Or you'll find a gameconsule like a Playstation, Xbox or Wii in the midst. So that our kids, or even ourselves can be transported to a world of virtual reality. A place where we create a world of action, fun and activity to run away from a real world of misery, dead and heartache.

But there is a solution... there is a way out... we can create a living room. Where Christ's love, His words, His character resides. Some people go once a week to church to meet the saints... to escape their rooms... where 'living' is hard to find. But we can invite friends in our living rooms and share Christ. We can invite church members and pray to the Almighty one for strength and encouragement.

We can make our living rooms as a place of study, so we can see that the plans of our God are true and right. We can use our living rooms as a place of true worship, where the name of our Great God and King is worship. We can use our living rooms to share Christ, be a witness.... Our living rooms can be made alive.... by Christ and Christ love alone.

We noticed by AGP that we are invited to preach, teach and worship in living rooms.. .why? Because people want to use their house, their living room, a place where Jesus resides as King of Kings. A place where we can discover a trace, a glimpse of the beauty of our wonderful, wonderful Saviour.

So start today and invite your friends, your family, your fellow church members and bring them 'during the week' to you home. And make you living room a place where we can meet Christ, trough Study, through prayer, through worship, through fellowship.

If we learn to live with Christ in our 'living rooms' all those other activities we do currently do in our living rooms, whatever that may be.. may see utterly useless compared to that that only the Holy Spirit can bestow upon all those wo may enter that place of rest... namely the living room where Christ is lifted up high!

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