If it is not you

One gospelartist I enjoy listening to is Joann Rosario. And the song that sticks most to my mind is... "If it is not you"
Just read the lyrics.., i will explain how important we set principles in our faith life.
If it's not You
Then I don't want it at all
'Cause it's not true
I'm guaranteed to take the fall
I seek You, I hear You
The voice that makes me strong
Now I know it's You and
I won't compromise my heart

Here I stand once more
In a dim corridor
And two ways I could take
My heart tends to sway
To the easiest way
And Your ways to forsake
But if I choose to go my way
Then my own life in my hands I take
There's no way I'll make that mistake
I just won't accept a great copy of
A cheap counterfeit

When you're blessed with real
Your know how it feels you never forget
So the choice is mine
And it seems quite clear
Follow the charted course
And let You steer
I'll have no fear
But if I choose to go my way
Then my own life in my hands I take
There's no way I'll make that mistake

If it's not You, I don't want it at all
If it's not You, Lord You're the real, real
There's nobody else I can trust with my heart
So I stand assured, Lord You are the real

Did you read that?

Do we really ask ourselves. What does the Bible say... Is this acceptable to God? Is it really our desire to please God, Or to please our own desires, lust, to make right, by ourselves... our shortcomings. Do we close the door for Christ, but life our lives as a Christian fairytail. Doing the walk and acting the talk, without being cruxified to self, by accepting the indwelling of God's Holy Spirit. Do we have principles or do we act on our own?

Principels just like Joseph who would not lay with Potifars wife, or princpled like Joshua who said, "As for me and my house.. we will serve the Lord." It reminds met of the choices Daniel made, for he set in his mind to not eat of the platter of the King filled with unclean foodsstuff.

These days we tend to make our own principles, are own set of rules. Things we think God would or would not find acceptable, instead of going the our desk at home, take out that good old KJV (or any other reliable translation of the bible) and read what principles God as set forth in His Word.

Joann has set this prinicple to paper... If it is not You. Shouldn't we use this principle even more than WWJD. If Jesus cleary states that He accepts or does not accept certain things, shouldn't we follow suit?

If it is not You, than I don't want it at all. Cause if it is not You, I will be certain to take the fall.

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