I love reading old books, 66 to be precise!

I love reading old books, 66 to be precise!
15 januari 2012 om 13:10

Let's get it over with... I am old fashioned. I dig into ancient books to find answers for today.
Some many call me outdated. Not in touch with reality. Some people might say "Riley, what’s wrong with you. Why do you look in 66 old books to find answers for today or even tomorrow."

Why read a book that has answers, not accepted by modern society. Why do I rather read that old book, than listen to Dawkins, Hawkings and Darwin. Why do hold respect for the explanation of that one book, called Genesis than the so-called wisdom of Albert Einstein. Why do I read the Proverbs rather than the theory of Marx, Lenin or what ever so-called 'great thinkers'.

Why? Do I rather listen to somebody who has all wisdom and lives. The for foolishness of this world and be kept it somebody else’s limited worldview.

I love reading old books... 66 to be precise!

My old book doesn't speak about twiiter, facebook, myspace of what kind of social-network whatsoever, but the social interaction, I have gotten, because I read those books and believe that those books said... made be ha a social network that is bigger, better and even everlasting. The social network I have gotten used to cannot be broken. There is no one deslisted of defriended here. Those 66 books talks about love.. love everlasting.

They speak about hope, faith, trust, mercy.

I love to 66 books.. simple compiled into one... the bible. It's worth reading... every word of it.

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