He lives... Christ has risen just like He said!

He lives... Christ has risen just like He said!
1 juni 2012 om 14:50
I was planning to write a blog about the new clip of Jay Z and Kanye West, entitled "Church in the wild", the whole rap is nothing more than bashing organised religion and the love for Jesus of his beloved (the true Church) to the ground. I was planning to write that we need to unite around His Word and not around people, opinions (even that of mine)... but then I played Fred Hammond's "He Lives."

And then I thought by myself... I shouldn't spend my time with people who openly blaspheme the name of Jesus, Who want to make people who desire to live without sin, shame and guilt and ridicule them. No way.. i should spent my time uplifting the one.. Who won!. I love sing this line from the song of Fred Hammond.

He lives, He lives... , Christ is risen... just like He said. The Lord and Savior Christ is no longer dead

In difficult and tempting times, when our jobs are getting less sure. A time where it seems we are at the brick of a new world war.

We need, especially we as followers of Christ should lift our heads up... we should. RIGHT NOW don't stop with proclaiming the name of Jesus... even if the world... (and people like Jay-Z for instance) say that Christians are a small crazy sect of people who long for true peace, true unity... something that is not base on their own faulty understanding.. but put their hope, their faith, their all and everything

It's time to celebrate the savior and his worth
Let's shout because we know he lives and we are certain
His love has set us free our enemies defeated

To understand just why we praise let me tell you how it all went down
The news spread so very fast people came from miles around
This would be the day Christ would be crucified
He took his last breath he hung his head and he died
They took my savior down from off that rugged cross
They laid him in a tomb it seemed all hope was truly lost
But the third day came along and broke the rhythm of life
The stone was rolled away an angel proudly proclaimed

He lives
Christ is risen just like he said
The Lord and saviors' no longer dead
Rejoice and celebrate
He lives He lives-Jesus, He's alive!

Aren’t those wonderful words?

Do you realise.. that His love has set us free, our enemies defeated.

He lives…

No matter what Jay-Z believes… our what Kanye West Sings… the chuch will be triumphant in Chirst… Yes there is No Church in the wild… there is only a Church in Christ.

Now I am going to write a blog about the Church which proclaims the He lives!

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