And I decided to write Sin a letter; "Sin, I hate

And I decided to write Sin a letter; "Sin, I hate you!"
12 mei 2013 om 11:57

This is a letter to my biggest enemy, I ever had encoutered in my life.

It lies, deceives, hurts.., My God, my friends and family and it longs to destroy me.
So I decided to write Sin a letter. Sin.., I just hate you!

Dear Sin,

You are a liar,
You deceive me.
From the depts of my soul and i mean it.
You wanted to kill me, but let me tell you this.. I ain't goin to be easy.
Listen I will stand my ground and I will fight with the Lamb of Jesus Christ!
I rebuke you I see what you tryin to do, so I write this letter to you.
Be sure of this.. cause Sin, I just hate you.

I never had a feeling like this before
I never had taught about it, but it all changed when I came to the Lord.
All the stunts that you are doing are getting om my nerves.
I am trying to forget wat you told me in the past.

For now I walk with the Word, A light, a lamp unto the feet.
The more I learn from Scripture, the more I hate te mouth that you talk with.
Holliness prevents me to cherish the sin in my life.
I would punch you in the face, if it was possible.

I know that the enemy comes to steal, kill and to destroy
Sin doesn't looks at race
Man, woman, girl or boy... Sin you target us all
You're trying to knock us out.
Sin, feels good to the dying man.
I know, that Sin is nasty and tries to conquer the winning team
But I decided to play no more with him and and decided to let Sin go.
Because, Sin I hate you!

Not only me..
You tried to kill my parents, my brothers and sisters
You wanted to kill everyone, everywhere, but i aint' going to be easy
I despise you with all my soul
I am disugsted by your presence alone.
I rebuke you an see what you are trying to do. So I will continue to write this letter for you
Cause Sin,.. I simply hate you.

Listen Sin;
I am a bride, God is molding me
I am saved and my body is a temple of the Lord
Yes i was guilty but Christ died for me
I no longer believes the lies of your friend, the devil.
He is just mad cause he can't hold me

Sin know this;
God opened the doors he can't close
Like no weapon formed against me shall prosper
I never seen the righteous of the LORD forsaken
Being not deceived they will receive the bread of life.

So Sin I will tell you this;
I am really tired of the mess you created in my life
Sick of this thing we all call flesh
I am praying that the Holy Spirit will use His sword against you in my life.
It might hurt me, but it will surely kill you.

You are trying to wrong that which the Bible calls right
I trying to life the new live
I refuse to follow you and fail.
And don't want to die in your sins, Sin.

With your friend the devil, you accuse the saints
But I am not going to choose dead, i rather choose life.
So Sin, you wanted to kill me but it ain't going to be easy
I can't tell how much i don't like you
A deciver and a lair you get on my last nerves, so i despise you
Your stupid and simple trying to defile me

I just simple want to let you know this: Sin, I just hate you!

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