24-03: Come into His presence

We only have a few more miles to go
17 maart 2011 om 22:04
Not much time to decide
The prophets have all prophesied
We only have a few more miles to go

The news says it's all going wrong
But it's news that I've know all along
We only have a few more miles to go

Despite the confusion I see
The promises He gave are my guarantee

We're not alone
We're on our way home
We only have a few more miles to go

Sometimes I want to give up
Don't want to drink from this cup
We only have a few more miles to go

But I'm here to win come what may
I'd have it no other way
We only have a few more miles to go

And I'm gonna press to the end
I intend to finish strong and then

I'll see God's face - the One that I adore
We only have a few more miles to goLast night i prayed with a good friend of mine, we prayed that we could shelter under the wings of His glory. Safe and sound from the trouble and strive of this world.

During this period of refelection and rejoicement of what Christ did for you and me.. isn't it great that we could sing that we may enter in the courtyard of His Holy Temple and enter His dwelling place.

Isn't it great to know that we can be cleansed from all our sins, and stand holy and righteous before His throne of mercy, only to bow down with the Holy Angels, singing Holy, Holy, Holy,

Isn't it great to know, that we have a friend, in Heaven who is pleading before our Heavenly Father...
Oh to enter is His presence is what i long for.. To let His word be a light on my path.

Singing the songs of worship, melodies of praise with the millions of saved, only for our Friend, Jezus who died for me... for you.. for all.

Come into His presence
With thanksgiving in our hearts
Give Him the praise
Give Him the glory

Come into His presence
With greatfullness in our hearts
Our Voices raise
while we prasie

Give Him glory and Honour
Cause, all Power is unto Him
O Jesus, the name above all names

Let's enter the sanctuary with thanksgiving in our hearts... let's give Him glory, for now and for ever and erver.


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